'Dancing with the Stars': Siluya Bomba disagrees with the judges' opinion!

The Gogglebox star was seriously injured. She had a broken rib for some time, and she didn’t even know it. Just before the third stage started, the doctor informed her that she had not one, but two broken ribs.

Siluya Bomba decided not to give up and continue her dance adventure.

In the last episode, she danced with her dance partner Jack Jeske, though, not rated very highly. The pair got 27 points, but were able to move on to the next episode.

Interestingly enough, in an interview with our reporter, she revealed that it was the first life she felt she could really do.

Siluya Pumbaa admitted that in the previous episode she did not do well, but now she is completely satisfied with herself.

And what about Jacek Jeske, her dance partner and teacher, about her dance?

He also does not completely agree with the opinion of the jurors, especially with the opinion of Iona Pavlovich.

The couple was already wondering if the jurors might not like them!

Have you watched “Dancing with the Stars”? What do you think of Siluya Bomba’s performance? Is it your favourite?

You can watch the full interview with Sylwia Bba below:


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