Ida Nowakowska speaks directly about expanding the family.  Another Christmas with four people

Ida Nowakowska works at TVP, where she presents the program “Pytanie na Breakfast” with Tomasz Wolny. Although a lot is currently happening in the entire public television, the anchor does not seem to care about it at all and is focused on her tasks, as well as Family life.

Novakovska is the mother of a two-year-old son, Max, who is the apple of her eye. The TVP star has been trying to have a baby for a long time, so every moment she spends with the baby is a great joy for her. This joy is greatest before the holidays.

We are happy to be able to look forward to that with our son. We want him to learn more about the traditions and culture inspired by Christmas. “Music, art, novels and Midnight Mass,” Ida Nowakowska admitted in an interview with Dobri Tegodnik.

It is no secret that giving gifts has become a tradition for many families in Poland Gifts on Christmas Eve. As it turns out, Ida Nowakowska won't get any gifts then. Why?

“We have a tradition that Christmas Eve is a day that we experience spiritually,” he tells Dobre Tygodnia.

However, this does not mean that they have completely abandoned giving gifts. It will be delivered to them on the first day of ChristmasWhich is also related to the American tradition where the star pair comes from.

“We spend the first day of Christmas in the American spirit. In the morning we open presents and Jack prepares an 'American breakfast' – I admitted.

Interestingly, she also declared that she is very hopeful Spend the upcoming holidays with a larger group. “I would really like to have a big family and a multi-generational home,” she admitted.

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