“I want to sing”: Melanie Renaud, terminal cancer survivor, prepares to return with a new album

Melanie Renaud, suffering from incurable cancer, has no intention of giving up; The singer is currently in the studio recording a new album, which is expected in the fall of 2024. “Singing is what keeps me alive,” says the singer.

Melanie Renaud has come a long way; She has been battling stage 4 ovarian cancer for seven years and she is recovering, although not curable, she assures us. But despite her knowledge of this incurable disease, she maintains impressive fortitude; It’s actually with a quiet, glowing, woman magazine He spoke to discuss this windfall.

She didn’t hide it, saying she was “so scared” she wouldn’t be able to sing anymore. Because of the recent — and sudden — loss of consciousness, he was hospitalized for two weeks last summer. It was during this period that tests revealed brain metastases.

Melanie Renaud in 2012.

Eric Carrier/Agency QMI

“I was very scared. Often, brain metastases cause serious side effects, such as loss of movement or speech. But the results of my neurological examination were normal; I was told that I was lucky to retain all my abilities and function well,” says Melanie Renaud.

Three years sober

It intends to continue doing this by launching its first new titles in six years in the coming months. These will officially mark his return after years of silence dedicated to the treatment of his illness and his journey towards sobriety.

Mélanie Renaud is proud to say that she has been off “any substance that alters behavior” for three years now. Despite a promising start to his career marked by the success of his singing, his consumption problems contributed to his disappearance from public life several years ago. I blame myself and participating in a concert Notre Dame de Paris.

“I had a big head. I was young, naive, and I didn’t do this job for the right reasons. Over time, the failures allowed me to better understand who I was outside of Mélanie Renaud. I learned to know myself and love myself. I am part of a brotherhood, which is Thanks to a program and a sponsor. It helps me a lot and I am very happy where I am today,” explains the 42-year-old singer.

Driven by passion

So the coming months will allow fans to reconnect with Melanie Renaud’s musical universe of soul and R&B sounds. Other extracts are already ready for release to set the table for this sixth career album. Could this represent our last chance to return to our positions? Unnecessary.

“I often told myself that I had tried the last one, but I always made another album. Even if it worked more or less, I would try to continue. Singing is my passion, that’s what keeps me alive. Honestly, mentally, I do it because I have to sing,” he said. says

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