"I love you man!"  New-Old Masters is the most Hollywood story in the NBA

Half hit the third quarter when Stephen Curry hit a long—really long—three. With a defender on the back of his neck, a defender physically hurts his opponents. The score was 72:50 on the board. This was the Golden State Warriors’ highest advance that evening.

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What do we know after the training camp? “The fighting continues because the World Cup is ahead of us”

Celtics coach Aim Odoka took the time to salvage that rivalry, but Steve Curry already felt match number seven was going to go. After an injury throw, he grabbed his head, and after a while showed the audience his right hand and a place for the fourth ring of his career. against 19 thousand. Fans at TD Garden, dressed in white and green Celtics and warrior haters, were a humiliation.

But Curry – 90 seconds from the end, with the Warriors leading 99:86 after his points, “put his opponents to sleep,” showing the nod of folded hands under his head, a hallmark of this year’s games – could afford such a sign. That evening, he played perfectly – he scored 34 points, hit six three (including three in the third quarter, when the match was about to be decided), added seven rebounds and assists.

This is not the “last dance” of warriors

It was perfect the whole time seriesHe scored an average of 31.2 points per game, and earned 48 percent. The effectiveness of the game is 44 percent. Three-pointers, more than six rebounds, two-time steals…plus he made a big game in Boston’s fourth game, a key game in a series that the Celtics had a 2-1 lead and could be a step away from the championship. But the 34-year-old Curry scored 43 points on hostile territory. And he won not only that match, but the next three as well. And he led the Warriors to another championship.

This was where the cameras focused on getting the Warriors ready in the last seconds to celebrate the title. Because for Curry, it was an extraordinary final, officially crowned with the MVP statuette. It may sound shocking, but he is the first player in a player’s career to deserve this award this year, like no other.

Talk less, do more. It was our recipe for success, Carrie admitted receiving the figurine. “We needed a new hand and new energy,” he added, describing the Warriors’ journey to the next tournament.

Before, there was always something in the way – when the Warriors won the title in 2015, the unexpected hero of the series, Andre Iguodala, was honored. In 2017 and 2019, the statuette was won by Kevin Durant. Now it finally falls into the hands of the most suitable of hands.

But Carrey – he certainly wouldn’t be offended by such a statement – is just one of the actors in this Hollywood story. A decade ago, the San Francisco Club built a dynasty into three titles, and advanced to the Grand Finals five times in a row. The last time she visited there was in 2019 against the Raptors.

But then – as in the history of Hollywood – fate began to mess with the film. Klay Thompson sustained a serious ACL injury during the finals defeat to Toronto, which ruled him out for 941 days. The following season, Curry initially broke his arm. Draymond Green was also out, and Kevin Durant was no longer on the team, who fled to the Brooklyn Nets…The Warriors was a mess. Literally – the new champions turned out to be the weakest team in the entire league, winning just 15 games and coming closer to the Vancouver Grizzlies’ legacy than making it to the playoffs.

They did a better job the following season, and Curry became the top scorer LeaguesDespite the fact that he was still waiting for the “Splash Brother”, this is Klay Thompson, who, during one of the loose summer games, once again broke the ligaments. Despite warriors coming into play, the dynasty seemed to be on the way to extinction.

But it looks like the San Francisco team needs a breather. When Chicago Bulls Winning his third consecutive title in 1998, coach Phil Jackson declared that this was the “last dance” the team would not benefit more from than this form. That change is required. “Bulls” won the title and went to new pages.

Steve Kerr was then one of Michael Jordan’s main flight attendants. He collected titles with him on the field (five in total), and today he does so as a Warriors coach. And this time he was lucky that he didn’t need to announce the Warriors’ “last dance”. Thanks to a two-year break, during which the leaders regained their health, freshness and passion, he built a veteran team of talented young men – in Kevon Looney, Jordan Paul, Andre Wiggins, Gary Payton II and Jonathan Kominga. The future is before them, and they will take charge of the great masters – Curry, Thompson, Greene and Iguodala. But – no doubt – they will play under Steve Kerr.

Kerr laughed after the match, though he booed the Celtics Hall: “I surround myself with good people.”

Good not only on the dance floor, but also after it. Warriors are a team of flesh and blood. When Steve Curry picked up the little MVP figurine, they cheered and congratulated everyone. Moments earlier, Clay had confessed to his brother, “I love you, man.” They are the same value as the prizes you won.

Celtics missed opportunity

Boston has similarly beautiful prospects Celtics. Admittedly, Ime Udoki’s young players were in tears after Thursday’s game, and Jason Tatum was sitting on the bench a minute before the end, hiding tears and anger. But their window to the great things they can do is just opening up – duo “JayJay” Tatum and Jaylen Brown are 24 and 25 respectively, Marcus Smart, the best defender in the league, 28. Klay Thomspon admitted before the finals that the Celtics look like today. the Warriors ten years ago. They are hungry for games and success.

But in Boston they certainly regret missing an opportunity. In the last series with the Warriors they were leading 10 And 2-1, after they played their fourth home game. After that, they lost 97: 107, and in match number six 90: 103. He has something to work on, especially Tatum, who should be the leader, but – also thanks to his rivals’ excellent defense – was hiding in the shadows. In the sixth game, he scored 13 points, only two in the second half.

However, we have no doubts – this is a candidate for the future champion NBA and MVP in the finals. But for now, the Carrie Warriors have won the bust. The Celtics’ time will come. Let the great gentlemen celebrate today.

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