January 27, 2023


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The trial series of Zajc and Stoch V

The trial series of Zajc and Stoch V

Timi Zajc turned out to be the best in the test series ahead of Friday’s World Cup singles competition at Air Letalnica (HS240) in Planica. The representative of Slovenia rose 234 meters. Fifth place was Camille Stoch (237.5 m).

Host representatives dominated the series of experiments at Planica. Timi Zajc (234 m) turned out to be the best, ahead of Ziga Jelar (228 m) and Peter Privc (232 m). Austrian Stefan Kraft finished fourth (225m), and Kamel Stoch came fifth after a 237.5m trip.

The following positions were taken by Domen Prevc (243 m), Michael Hayboeck (233.5 m), Anze Lanisek (221.5 m), and Marius Lindvik (235 m). Piotr Żyła closed the top ten with a score of 216.5 metres.

David Kobaki (216.5 m) was twenty, Jacob Wolney was twenty-two (217 m), and Andrei Stuka was twenty-four (218 m).

Life records were set by Niko Kitusaho (233m), Daniel Chuvenig (222m) and Daniel Huber (237m). Bor Pavlovich also flew with a lifetime score, but he supported his flight to 249.5 meters with his own hands.

The pilot series ran on the twelfth, eleventh, tenth, ninth and eighth beams.

The competition starts at 2 pm. It broadcasts on TVN, Eurosport 1 and Player.pl.

You will be able to follow the results ‘live’ via the LIVE FISskijumping report >>

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