Polish tennis player convicted of doping.  Long-term disqualification

Anastazja Szoszyna is currently rated in WTA Ranking Ranked 886th. At the end of 2020, she was in the highest position of her career, 381st, and she would have been a good player. The Polish women have 5 titles in the ranking tournaments ITF. The tennis player has not played a match for a long time, and all because of the doping actions against her.

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Anastazja Szoszyna with a 4-year doping exclusion. There is an ITF ruling

Szoszyna was suspended by the International Tennis Federation in December 2020. In a urine sample collected on October 26, 2020 at the ITF competition in Istanbul, the presence of stanozolol, which is considered a doping agent, was detected. The Polish woman did not admit to breaking the law and defended herself before the independent court. But her interpretations were strange. The tennis player stated that the agent was supposed to have been in her body by a man she was in a relationship with at the time and who was taking stanozolol. However, its translations did not convince the ITF.

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On Thursday, the International Tennis Federation published a ruling in the case. Szoszyna has been disqualified for 4 years and will be able to return to competition at the end of 2024. The penalty is calculated from the moment the sample was taken i.e. from October 26, 2020. Thus, the tennis player will have to start her professional career from the beginning. Currently, in the WTA rating, there are 23 points on her account that she will not be able to defend. This will cause it to be withdrawn from the rating.

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