Hungary.  Viktor Orban: At the beginning of the spring parliament session we can ratify Sweden's accession to NATO

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that our dispute with Sweden will be resolved soon. He added during Saturday's conference that Parliament may ratify Sweden's accession to NATO during its spring session. This course starts in February.

“Our dispute with Sweden will be resolved soon,” the Fidesz politician said on Saturday at the annual press conference in Budapest. – We are moving in the direction where at the beginning of the spring session of Parliament we can ratify Sweden's accession to NATO – announced the Hungarian Prime Minister.

The spring plenary session of the Hungarian Parliament begins on February 26.

Parliament building in Budapest Stock struggle

Viktor Orban said that he and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson had taken steps to “rebuild trust” between the two countries. He did not specify what those steps were.

Viktor Orban during a speech on SaturdayFashion PAP/EPA/Solid

Hungary is the only one that has not yet voted to join

Representatives of Viktor Orbán's government have repeatedly stressed that Hungary will not be the last member of the alliance to agree to Sweden joining NATO. But this is what happened after the Turkish Parliament ratified Sweden's accession in the second half of last January, and the country's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed this decision.

At the beginning of February, the ruling coalition of Fidesz and the Patriotic Party of Kurdistan boycotted the extraordinary parliamentary session on accession, which was held at the request of the opposition. The representatives did not attend the Council and the quorum for voting was not reached.

On the same day, ambassadors from several countries in the coalition, including US Ambassador David Pressman, appeared in Parliament to put pressure on Budapest.

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The Hungarian government had previously asked Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson to come to Budapest before the vote. Orban sent him an invitation in the second half of January. Kristersson said he was ready to visit, but only after the Hungarian parliament voted in favor of his country joining NATO.

Main image source: Fashion PAP/EPA/Solid

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