The Russians began building trenches.  The latest satellite images leave no illusions

“Russia has re-established trenches at the Chonhar checkpoint between Crimea and Kherson Oblast. New trenches have also been built,” Petit wrote on Twitter, including a comparison of satellite images.

“The same situation is in the northwestern part of Crimea, near Armyansk. Old trenches are being renovated and new trenches are being built. In this photo you can see the excavator digging the soil for a new trench” – the Swiss noted.

Pettit emphasized this: “A little further north, other sites are being set up. For example, a massive defensive position has been set up at Nowotrojićke. Many other sites are appearing all over the area. They are building a fortress.”

The British Ministry of Defense reported, on Tuesday, that Russia began building a number of defense structures in the occupied Ukrainian territories, but behind the current front line, so that in the event of a breakthrough of Ukrainian forces, their progress would be halted. .

“Russia began to build defenses around the occupied city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine. There are two factories that produce pyramidal anti-tank concrete structures for this purpose called Dragon Teeth. Probably “Dragon Teeth” were installed between Mariupol and Nikolsky village and from the northern part of Mariupol to the ancient Crimean village Mariupol forms Part of the “land bridge” from Russia to the Crimea, which is a major logistical line of communication. In addition, the “Dragon’s Teeth” was sent to prepare defensive fortifications in occupied Zaporizhia and Kherson “the Daily Intelligence Update wrote.

She added that Russia is fortifying its lines throughout the occupation zone, and on October 19 the owner (mercenary organization) of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, spoke about the construction of a fortified “Wagner Line” in the Russian-occupied Luhansk region. As assessed, these actions indicate that Russia is making significant efforts to prepare a deep defense behind the current front line, possibly to prevent Ukrainian forces from rapidly advancing in the event of a breakthrough.

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