Order for Dmitry Peskov’s daughter.  The Kremlin “towers” are already fighting with each other

A few days ago, Russia’s popular political channels on Telegram – Nezhgar and Briv – published materials attacking Lisa Peskova, the daughter of long-time Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. This information showed that the company (which Pesqua co-owns) received guarantees from state-owned companies, thanks to which it obtained loans worth millions of dollars from state-owned banks. Of course, on preferential and discounted terms. The companies, transactions and business partners of Putin’s spokesman’s daughter are described in detail. But the most interesting thing is that the channels that publish this information are owned by the people of the Kremlin. Many commentators linked to the authorities in Russia believe that the people behind these channels include, among others: Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko. There were also voices indicating the existence of an internal conflict in the Kremlin.

Who attacks Putin’s spokesman?

“Nezygar and BRIEF are among the most influential channels on Telegram. They published a major investigation into the actions of Dmitry Peskov’s daughter, in which they stated that she had received 50 million rubles (equivalent to 2.2 million Polish zlotys – editor) in the form of guarantees from state institutions. There are many details and sources And documents. “I have the impression that it was not bloggers, but state institutions that conducted this investigation,” wrote Sergei Markov, a political scientist linked to the authorities. “The Kremlin has many towers. There will be those who defend Peskov. “Maybe,” he said.

It cannot be ruled out that Markov was also targeted by one of the Kremlin’s “towers”, because at the same time information appeared in the Russian media that the police were checking his Telegram channel on charges of “defaming the Russian army.” The “report” against Markov was allegedly filed by “a resident of the Chelyabinsk region.” It has already been defended by other Russian political scientists, and Markov himself stated that “this is a provocation on the part of the Ukrainian services.”

Quarrel in the Kremlin

Independent Russian journalists have no doubt that publishing material insulting to the daughter of Putin’s spokesman is part of the fight in the Kremlin. – Why did they publish it? I have no direct evidence from the Kremlin, but these garbage cans (I’m talking about the Kremlin’s Telegram channels – ed.) simply do not publish similar texts. This means they got the job,” freelance journalist Ilya Dolyachin said in an interview with the Russian editorial office of Radio Svoboda. In his opinion, the internal conflict in the Kremlin has been going on for several years. -This battle continues to this day. Obviously there’s some kind of controversy going on there. He claimed that I do not know whether it was related to the war or other agreements.

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