Wodzirej Lewandowski relaxed.  Football ‘I expected a lot from Barcelona’

“I would like to sit with him at the same table at the wedding,” “like the mayor at the harvest festival announcing the Exotic Trio” — these are just some of the comments online about Joan Laporta’s behavior. Barcelona president to introduce Robert Lewandowski Friday At the Camp Nou, he raised his hands, pressed the Polish striker, patted his back, and at the same time waved the microphone and shouted: “Long live! BarcelonaLong live Catalonia, long live Lewandowski. “Finally he walked with Lewandowski on the field around the stadium and waved to the cheering crowd. It was not only Lewandowski’s show, but also great moments for Joan Laporta, who was at the Camp Nou on Friday at the Camp Nou.

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Robert Ronaldinho. Lewandowski is already a magician at Camp Nou, his jaw has fallen

Barcelona President: Lewandowski’s number is our decision. Memphis had to understand

– On the one hand, the bosses BayernIt was rumining or even Hoeness and Laporta on the other. Two worlds, huh? But I will not criticize Laporta. His playfulness, roughness and liveliness, as well as the good energy emanating from him, give color to the ball. Especially since, on the other hand, we heard he’s a tough negotiator who can get his way. Maybe these are the people we’re in Sports minus? – asks Thomas Radwan from a sports marketing agency Red Sport, who evaluated Lewandowski’s show on Friday and, above all, Laporta’s behavior. – I like his style. I accept it as it is. On Friday, you can also see that he brought a lot to the show, because Robert was nervous at first, but Laporta quickly eased him up by talking, waving, or even hugging him. Radwan adds: It’s a bit mobile.

“Where is Blok and where is Barcelona?”

Friday’s Lewandowski show may have been a little familiar thanks to Laporte, but on the other hand, we were asked until recently “Where is Bock and where is Barcelona?” LeaguesAnd as one of the best companies in the world, ie Barcelona, ​​which in recent weeks in the context of Lewandowski Slip after slip.

It basically started from the beginning, i.e. before Lewandowski arrived at Barcelona, ​​when the club bragged about buying a Polish striker on social media. Many fans anticipated the marketing of fireworks, and the proliferation of networks surprising quality and craftsmanship, and ended up posting a boring, not luxurious message on Twitter with the word “advertisement” in English.

This was just the beginning of a poorly managed campaign to advertise Lewandowski’s transfer in social media, because the first promotional video was also critically received by fans. In the evening, Lewandowski went to an old lifeguard booth on a beach in Miami and said a few words in the video. Recorded in the wind and in the evening with the trembling of the hand and the phone.

When it seemed that it could not be worse, the next day, the club’s television confused Lewandowski’s nationality. A video was published on the official website entitled: “The German striker’s first day in the club.” The movie was quickly removed, but you know: nothing was lost on the Internet. Like you didn’t die a week before Barcelona published a training video in it I confused Lewandowski with Ferran Torres.

Joan Laporta and Robert LewandowskiThe League authorities are afraid to show Lewandowski. The Barcelona president is risking everything

Lewandowski Show. ‘It seemed unfavorable’

On Friday, there were no such mishaps. This may also affect the positive evaluation of the entire presentation, although Grzegorz Kita from a marketing agency Sports Management Poland He sees some shortcomings. This offer must be evaluated on several levels. The first, in geostrategic quotes, is the same event that has produced interesting and hot global content for audiences and media. From the Polish stand, we can be proud that our compatriot appeared at the Camp Nou. It’s a proud moment for us and for Polish football, and it’s a very extraordinary, perhaps historic moment – says Keita.

And more analyses: – The second level is the strategic and communicative assessment when it comes to Barcelona itself, who has finally done what he had to do, that is, introduce Lewandowski to his community and his fans. And this, in fact, is the most important thing, because here in fact we are talking about building relationships with fans, deepening relationships with consumers. After all, sponsors follow the fans, value the TV rights, but also the various expenses of the fans themselves. In short: money. This is why these consumers need to be pampered, solicited, and showcased attractions. You have to realize that on a Friday at noon – a weekday, summer vacation, or hot weather – quite a few of them showed up at the Camp Nou. True, the number itself is still inaccurate, because it is written about 30, 40 or even 50 thousand. But besides that, even the smallest of these numbers are worthy of recognition, the more it was not a group show, and the fans came for one player.

The third level of evaluation is purely an event and a technical aspect. Here I was expecting more from Barcelona. It was clearly hoped that the magic of Camp Nou and Lewandowski would fend for itself. So if something happened in that ballpark, it would look better in and of itself. However, had it not been for the Camp Nou, we’d rather be disappointed that Lewandowski emerges from a narrow entrance somewhere off the ground, between the spare seats, accompanied by Joan Laporta. He just goes to the field and that’s it. That no extensive stage, stage or theater technology awaits him, but only a few furniture and event fixtures arranged around it. In this regard, he was pretty average. There should have been a much bigger celebration here. Sometimes such things are said to have been done “internally”, that is, with internal forces, usually so as not to incur high costs. It was a little bit like that. Anyway, when we talk about details and a purely technical level, I also felt a little offended by the fact that it was revealed during transition The front rows of the stands were completely empty. Lewandowski was famously shown against this background, which seemed unfavorable.

However, as a rule, the first and second aspects are the most important, i.e. the appreciation of the community and fans, as well as the creation of an important event that once again focuses attention on Barcelona and generates global content. But it is also worth noting that Lewandowski himself showed that he was doing quite well. That this offer gives him joy and satisfaction. And in the end there were no mishaps, which recently in the context of Barcelona and Lewandowski have not been a rule at all. But this time, there were no mishaps, although I repeat: there was no great revelation. Barcelona did everything he had to do, finished Keita.

The family was closely watching Robert Lewandowski's show“A wife’s affection, my mother’s affection.” Beautiful scenes in the Lewandowski family in the show

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Presentation by Robert Lewandowski. Barcelona’s first pole game at the Camp Nou. As well as the reactions of the fans and photos from the stadium and places that are now a sport and not only the sports home of the Polish captain. All this can be followed up on Sport.pl thanks to the reports of Special Envoy Dominic Wardzicowski. Photos, flavors, live reports, photos and videos. To track in Sport.plas well as on Instagram And the Tic Toco.

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