The problems and troubles of "Don Casjo".  There is a lawsuit.  They are asking for a million zlotys

at Saturday The first party was held PRIME MMAwhich union belongs to Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński. The star known for his participation in the MTV shows “Warsaw Shore” and “Ex na Beach” also took an active part in it. He handled Mateusz Moraski without major problems.

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Szpilka wants to fight in MMA. Promoter: It will be fun, not a sport

Don Casjo will pay a million zloty fine? Breaking the non-competition clause

But for years, Don Casjo has been associated with the Federation MMA Famewho became the biggest star over time. But the former boxer decided to leave him after the concert Fame MMA 12, where he defeated the former champion KSW Marcin Warzozyk and Mishaw Baron “Boxdel”.

“Don Kasjo” attacks Fame MMA. “They talk about us because they feel threatened”

The two sides separated in an unpleasant atmosphere and there was no shortage of mutual cruelty. – Cassius always spoke of principles, and here he himself showed otherwise. You have let us down so much. […] We have gained so much thanks to Cassius and he has given us so much, and I am especially sorry. It was such a sudden decision that he suddenly decided – to say Elo and without even saying goodbye – said one of the owners of FAME Wojciech Jolla.

It turns out that the consequences of a sudden exit from the union may be even more dire for Don Cashjo. During the press conference before the March concert MMA Fame 13 Celeste Wardiga, who led the event, shared the latest information on the matter. Khalidov in exchange for the “Boxer” machine. unbelievable [WIDEO]

– I’d like to tell you that every competitor I’ve had too is barred from competing even after the contract has expired for several months. Due to the fact that Cassius had a ban on competition for 12 months from the end of his contract, however, FAME MMA decided to sue him for 1 million zlotys! – said Warda. So far, Don Casjo has not commented on this.

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