Hubert Hurkacz - Pablo Carreno Busta in the ATP Masters 1000 Final in Montreal: live score and report

Hubert Hurkacz and Pablo Carreno Busta 6:3, 3:6, 3:6

Hurkacz, seeded eighth in the Canadian Open, has met the 23rd-ranked Spaniard in the ATP rankings twice so far.

The balance of duels they played last year is restricted. Roughly a year ago, the Pole had to acknowledge the superiority of his 31-year-old opponent in the 1/8 finals of the tournament in Cincinnati. He paid him a month later by winning the final in Metz, France.

Quiet start to pole

The game started with tennis players winning their service games. The first minutes of the match already showed that the Spaniard would not be an easy opponent for Wrocław. Hurkacz had to show great patience and constantly build posts, both on the site and after replays. Looking for quick solutions can lead to errors, and Carino Posta can use them mercilessly.

Hurkacz got his first break opportunity in the sixth inning. It earned her a very deliberate game, focused on stressing the opponent and forcing him to make mistakes. And the native of Wroclaw took the first chance. A moment later, he increased the lead in his own service.

Carreno Busta managed to win the match with his pass, and he’s not without some problems. Hurkacz was already focused on winning the first set. Received an ace award.

problem in the second group

At the beginning of the second set, the roles were slightly reversed. Carreno Busta was the first to send, and noted the winning match on his account. Hurkacz has lost a bit with his website. He couldn’t use his special passing advantage and was broken for the first time in the match.

With the next pole sent, some problems arose again and the Spaniard was closer and closer to the second break, but the Wroclaw player managed to defend his own pass, and finished the match with another powerful blow.

But the opponent, at this point in the match, was inspiring. The only effective weapon Hurkacz had at his disposal was the service. The long exchanges and build-up of the quiet movement that fans had the opportunity to admire at the start of the match are a thing of the past. The Pole had to slowly get used to the idea that he would have to fight for the title in the decisive third set.

decisive party

The third match was started by a Pole who clearly felt much better when he opened the scoring. He probably won the match to zero, showing more aces.

Then he returned to the match that was perfect at the start of the match: long and painstakingly built rallies, after which the opponent had a lot of trouble keeping his passes.

But later, the North Pole made a series of mistakes. He played a little careless in his service a few times, leaving the Spaniard with plenty of space and time to strike. In addition, there were some unforced errors and in the third game of the deciding match, Hurkacz was broken again.

The Wrocław player fought back, but could not find an effective way to deal with a rival six years older than him. He was able to win even on a seemingly losing point, as he pulled the ball from the furthest parts of the court he could reach with a bat. In response, Hurkacz was unable to angrily throw a missile.

The matches he won in an instant did not improve his situation. He still had to make up for the breakout loss at the start of the set.

Clearly out of rhythm, Hurkacz was unable to handle the Spaniard playing in trance. Pablo Carreno Busta led in the ninth game to his second breaking point in the decisive match. He used the first match ball and achieved the greatest success of his career.

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