The Poles overcame the power.  The winning throw 3 seconds before the end of the match

The Polish youth handball team won a sensational victory over Denmark (30:29). Krystian Marchewka became the champion of Biało-Czerwonych.

Peter Bubakowski

Poland - Denmark (Under 18 teams match)

Twitter / / Poland – Denmark (Under 18 teams match)

What a throw it was! The Polish youth unexpectedly won the friendly match in Denmark’s Griffino (30:29). Christian Marchuka decided the fate of the match at the end of the match by defeating the visiting goalkeeper… three seconds before the end of the match!

“Our kids did it! Poland-Denmark 30:29. 3 seconds to go Christian Marchuka finished the game with a lay-up! Another great result for this team!” – Comment on Handball Polska’s Twitter profile, where a video (see below) was posted with the winning goal.

The victory against the strong Danes – one of the best teams in the world in this age group – is a huge success for the Polish U-18 handball team. On Saturday, in the gymnasium in Gryfino, the second stage of the Poland-Denmark match will take place (starts at 18:00).

a look:
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