The train driver missed the track at Warsaw Zakodnya Station.  PKP translates

From March 12, a new train schedule is in effect. However, passengers traveling by rail do not have an easy life because of this. On Monday and Tuesday, trains were delayed by more than 100 minutes. The reason was among other things a train entering the wrong lane at Warsaw Zakodnya Station. On Friday, it happened again.

“In connection with the morning event at Warsaw Zakodnya Station, related to the admission of the Koleje Mazowieckie train on a route different from the one indicated in the timetable, the Director of Infrastructure reported that there was no threat to the safety of train movement,” the PKK PLK wrote in a statement. They explained that the train driver He had a signal to go ahead, which meant he could drive the train safely in. There was no other train on the track to which it was directed, they added.

The Director of Infrastructure confirmed that the railway traffic control devices ensure the safe travel of this train and other trains passing through Warsaw Zakodnya Station at the same time. The authority will explain the circumstances of this event and previous events. He has 30 days to do so.

At West Railway Station, it is currently being modernized. The next step would be to rebuild the eastern railway station, and then refurbish the line through the city.

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