How to prepare mushrooms for drying?  We explain how mushrooms are dried [PORADNIK]

The season is currently mushroomAnd the forests are full of them in garbage. We advise you how to dry it properly so that you can enjoy its excellent taste in winter the soup mushroom.

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How to prepare mushrooms for drying? [PORADNIK]

How to prepare mushrooms for drying? It turns out that there are a few basic rules that mushroom pickers should remember when drying mushroom. on the page University Przyrodniczy in Wroclaw, Prof. Artur Greskin from the department technology The Department of Agriculture and Storage gave information on how to properly dry mushrooms. Although there are many ways to store mushrooms, they will retain their value much longer after drying, because, as the professor pointed out. Grishkin “up to two years if tightly closed.”

– Before drying, we do not wash the mushrooms, because, among other things, they are unnecessarily absorbed Water. They must be carefully cleaned, for example with a brush, which is often an integral part of a mushroom-picking knife. If we clean the mushrooms, we will eat them later – warns the scientist of the Department of Agricultural and Storage Technology

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What are the methods of drying mushrooms?

a. Artur Gryszkin notes that we can dry mushrooms in several ways. We can tie them with a string and hang them between trees in the sun or somewhere else, for example in an automatic dryer or in an oven. If we decide Mushroom drying In the automatic dryer, the whole process takes four to six hours. while dry in oven It will be more complicated. We need to put the mushrooms on the racks, on which we put baking paper in advance, and then turn on the oven to 60 degrees. During drying, we must remember to turn the mushrooms every few hours.

mushrooms (background image)A terrifying mushroom in the Polish forests. Turns insects into zombies

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– It should also be noted that during drying an additional rich set of fragrances appears. Unfortunately, mushrooms lose some of their nutritional value when processed, and they have a lot of it – from vitamins For amino acids and healthy protein – said the scientist from the Department of Agricultural Technology and Storage.

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