Can a night owl get up early?

Scientists believe that if we put a lot of effort into it, we can even turn from a night owl into an early rookie. However, this will not completely eliminate the problem and will not necessarily work for everyone, because the genetic predisposition will remain in us – success depends on genes And the strong-willed. We can make changes to behaviors that affect sleep.

The first and most important change that scientists recommend is to control nature Today’s cycle And the kind of lightWe see him every morning and evening. When the alarm rings, let us expose ourselves to natural light, if possible. However, in the evening, avoid strong lighting – a bedside lamp will work better.

Analyzes show that night owls are more likely to eat late meals, skip breakfast, eat fewer vegetables, and drink more caffeine and alcohol. These types of practices definitely don’t help you sleep early, so if we want to change something, let’s take a look at ours eating habits.

The main aspect may also be Quit using smartphones or computers shortly before bed. In addition to harmful blue light, we are then exposed to excessive consumption of the content, which regularly stimulates and stimulates us, making it impossible to calm us down.

It’s also a good idea Gradually adjusting to getting up early. If only we had such an opportunity, then there is no need to immediately take drastic steps – getting up 20-30 minutes earlier will help us easily prepare for waking up early.

Scientists also talk about a beneficial effect Playing sports For general health and good sleep. However, they recommend that you do it in the morning or early afternoon.

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