How to clean windows efficiently in the spring?  There is only one solution

What to do to quickly deal with dirty windows? You need to check the weather and only then start cleaning. If we choose a bad aura, we will add unnecessary work and only start to get stressed. What is the ideal weather for window cleaning? It is best to do this in the afternoon, when it is warm and cloudy. Remember that sunlight that may fall on washed windows will quickly cause streaks to appear. Let's also avoid inclement weather and, of course, rain: they are also not conducive to cleaning windows.

Cleaning windows is important not only to let more light into the house or to do another chore before the holiday. This is also an excellent time to check the condition of tires, fittings, mechanisms and seals and repair them if necessary.

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Cleaning windows seems like an uncomplicated task to most people, but there are at least two schools of thought. The first is to wash them not only with ordinary warm water, but with a damp microfiber cloth or nylon tights (patented by our grandmothers). The second school involves adding a little dishwashing liquid to the water. Both patents will only work if our windows are washed regularly, and if we neglect it, we need to use stronger agents.

What is worth taking into consideration? Nothing prevents you from accessing windshield washer fluid. But if you cannot deal with the dirt on the windows after the winter, it is worth using proven vinegar. Just mix it with water, but in a 1:1 ratio, so it can clean very dirty windows.

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If we want not only to clean our windows well, but also want them to stay clean longer, all we have to do is reach for the old patent, namely glycerin. This will create a thin film on the windows, which will prevent dirt from settling in the future. Just add a tablespoon of pure glycerin to a bucket or bowl of water. If you don't have it, you can use fabric softener or winter windshield washer fluid instead, as both products contain glycerin.

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