Dead Space has been paused.  The creators wanted to develop the IP, but EA blocked the ideas

Dead Space Remake has been appreciated by gamers and journalists, but we shouldn't count on more games in the series. EA has stopped working on developing the universe.

Jeff Grubb reported yesterday that EA Motive was developing Dead Space 2 Remake, but due to poor sales of the remake last year, the game was cancelled. An Electronic Arts representative commented on the highly publicized matter and questioned the information provided by the journalist.

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The topic was commented on by Jason Schreier, who confirmed that Electronic Arts has stopped any work related to developing the world of Dead Space. The intellectual property was to be “shelved for a second time”.

While news of the sci-fi horror series' suspension broke this week, EA made the decision last spring, according to people familiar with the project.

Schreyer confirmed that the developers had been working on ideas for a new part of the series for several months, however Electronic Arts did not give the green light to develop the game, so the creators were sent to other projects.

After completing the Dead Space remake, which was released in January 2023, a small team at Electronic Arts' Motive company spent several months developing ideas for a new installment in the series. However, these plans were never given the green light and fell through before they could move forward.

Information about the Dead Space series has returned, as EA Motive announced this week that it is focusing on two projects, Iron Man and the new Battlefield. Part of the team was delegated to help DICE develop the shooter.

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