How much do seasonal fruits and vegetables cost in discount stores?  I made sure

The first thing I noticed when I entered the store was that most of the products were imported. This applies not only to bananas (which is obvious), but also to strawberries and asparagus. Fortunately, after a while I was able to find Polish fruits and vegetables. I would like to point out that I did not conduct any investigation and if there was no information about the country of origin on the package or carton, I assumed that I was dealing with a substance from abroad. Only our local products were taken into account.

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Unfortunately she was not very rich here. We have a much larger selection in market squares or fruit and vegetable stalls. There were very few Polish fruits and vegetables in both Lidl and Bedronka. I was able to find the yellow color at both discount stores green beans For PLN 49.99 per kg and butter lettuce for PLN 4.99. As for the rest of the products, there were some differences in prices and assortment.

Anna Rojek Kibasa/Onet

Yellow green beans and butter lettuce are available at discount stores

I was happy to find we could get it at Lidl Polish strawberries. This is good news. The bad news is that they are much more expensive than on the market. In my neighborhood we can buy a kilogram of these fruits for PLN 10-12, while in a discount store we have to pay this amount for half a kilogram. Contrary to appearances, there was great interest. You can see that people are buying these strawberries. However, I must admit that the price surprised me. I was expecting it to be cheaper at the discount store, but this came as a surprise.

The Polish strawberries in Lidl are beautiful but overpriced

Anna Rojek Kibasa/Onet

The Polish strawberries in Lidl are beautiful but overpriced

In Biedronka we can buy rhubarb for PLN 11.99 per kilogram, raspberry tomatoes for PLN 16.99, baby Chinese cabbage for PLN 5.99, and white asparagus for PLN 12.59 per half kilogram.

At Lidl, half a kilo of green asparagus costs PLN 16.99 (more expensive than white asparagus from the competition). The offer also includes green beans for PLN 11.99 per half kilo (much cheaper than yellow beans). Chinese cabbage costs PLN 6.99 per kilogram, while raspberry tomatoes cost less, PLN 14.99 per kilogram.

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