April 1, 2023


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A new tax on pharmacies, companies and drug wholesalers. “Unfair and unreasonable payment”

At the end of January, consultations on amending the Medicines Law ended. It charges an annual fee to all entrepreneurs operating in the pharmaceutical market. As we read Entrepreneurship Council websiteThe fee is collected annually from every entrepreneur who carries out any activities related to the professional trade in medicines and other healthcare related products.

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Depending on the type of activity, the fixed part of the annual fee should range from PLN 250 to PLN 3,000.

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“The fee is unfair and fundamentally unjustifiable.”

The Entrepreneurship Council has published an appeal calling for the controversial solution to be removed. He described the annual fee as “unfair and fundamentally unjustified”. “It is another burden for the entities that ensure drug safety for Poles,” we read in the statement.

In the opinion of the member associations of the Council, imposing an additional tax on entrepreneurs in times of high inflation and approaching economic slowdown is controversial and means a further deepening of the financial burden on pharmaceutical companies. This is contrary to what was stated in the statements Government In the field of supporting the development of the pharmaceutical sector and the solutions contained in the National Reconstruction Plan ”- add the authors of the appeal.

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The council confirms that entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical industry are currently involved in financing drug supervision and other state tasks at several levels. As VAT payers and income tax payers who contribute to income billions of dollars in this regard. Thus, the planned annual fee is an additional tax on income that has already been taxed.

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The Entrepreneurship Council includes the following organizations: ABSL, Business Center Club, Federation of Entrepreneurs polishingThe Confederation of Wisconsin, the Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Polish Business Council, Employers of Poland, the Association of Polish Banks and the Association of Polish Craftsmen.

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