jak zawstydzic wlaciciela bugatti

The Bugatti Veyron, which debuted in 2006, has raised the bar as a supercar. With nearly 1,000 horsepower and an impressive 8.0-liter turbocharged engine, the W16 was among the most powerful and fastest car ever. It was like that, only 15 years ago. Today, the manufacturer is much better at creating furious machines, as you’ll see when you put the Bugatti Chiron next to it.

The Bugatti Chiron makes the Veyron look like today’s Volkswagen Jetta

A new video shared on Stradman’s YouTube channel will show you how to embarrass the Bugatti owner. There is a slight chance that you will be able to do this as well. and you know, Chiron taillights carry a message “Kiss me bye” because when you try to chase them, you will be defeated.

Two Bugatti missiles were encountered on the runway at a distance of one mile. This is a good place to let them reach triple digit speeds.

The Veyron produces 1001 horsepower, while the Chiron produces 1500 horsepower. The power difference is as big as the number of years between them. The amount of change that can change in a decade is very clearly visible on the asphalt.

How embarrassing the owner of Bugatti? Fetch faster

When engineering wonders meet at the finish line, you can be sure of the outcome. The Bugatti Chiron is the one who disappears into the distance as the Veyron cuts the asphalt.

As soon as the driver applied the brakes, the Veyron reached a speed of about 305 kilometers per hour. During this time, Chiron probably broke the 321 km/h mark, as we saw when he was still driving away from the Veyron towards the end of the race.

Once upon a time the Veyron was a great engineering marvel and the dream of many drivers. Today Chiron leaves them far behind And that’s not to say electric cars won’t do the same with the Chiron.

Today Bugatti is owned by Rimac in partnership with Porsche, which will undoubtedly lead to another amazing project. Before that happens, Chiron and his mighty powers should be enough for us. As you will see in the video below, it is impossible to get bored of it.

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