Kim Kardashian, her sentence on women is causing a stir

Some of Kim Kardashian’s comments in an interview with “Variety” magazine do not suit the tastes of Internet users.

This Wednesday, Kim , Chloe And Courtney Kardashian As well as their mother Chris Jenner Gave an interview to the press.Various “They have the opportunity to promote the new series” The Kardashians “that will air on the Hulu Channel from April 14, but also to discuss their personal and professional careers and their relationships.

Former wife of Kanye West And it greatly displeased an opinion of women. “Move your ass and go to work (…) It seems like no one wants to work anymore these days,” he said. For the founder of SKIMS, “being surrounded by people who want to work” is important. “Everyone has a good work environment that they like to do because you have only one life. There is no non-toxic work environment, go to work and really work.” Said Drew’s (3) mother.

An opinion that is not unanimous

Following these reports, Internet users reacted quickly on social networks and especially on Twitter. The comments made by many are not already there Girlfriend of Pete Davidson . “I hope Kim works, but everything will be easier if you have millions of dollars and a force of people working for you” or “We can all say we got richer with influential parents and the less fortune they got. More work. I have no doubt she works hard.” No. But damn what ”.

No breeding is prohibited

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