Beau Willimon nakręci film dokumentalny o okrucieństwach Rosjan w Buczy. Scenarzysta znanego serialu „House of Cards” przyjechał już na Ukrainę - podaje portal Ukrinform.

Bo Willimon will make a documentary about the atrocities committed by the Russians in Bokza. The screenwriter of the well-known series “House of Cards” has already come to Ukraine, according to the Ukrinform portal.

In Bokza, Irbich, Hostomil, Borodzyanka, and other cities near Kyiv, Russian forces committed mass crimes against civilians. Since the forces of the invaders began to withdraw from the northern part of the Kyiv region to Belarus, and the Ukrainian army entered the towns they occupied earlier, more photos and videos appeared, showing dozens of dead people in the streets, mass graves, shooting people with their hands tied. Many cases of rape were also detected.

Documentary about the Russian atrocities in Bokza. Its author – as Ukrinform knows – will be Bo Willimon, screenwriter of the famous American series “House of Cards”.

Bokza City Council reported on Facebook that Willimon has already come to Ukraine Gather material for the document.

The playwright wants to tell the whole world the truth about the genocide of Ukrainians and the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian nation.

Mer Buczy Anatoly Fedoruk, reported by Ukrinform Agency, announced that he is close 85 percent of bodies recovered from mass graves or individual graves in, among other things, parks, gardens and yards, had gunshot wounds. “This means that premeditated killings were committed in Bokza,” Fedorok said.

Fedorok reported on Tuesday that To date, 403 bodies of victims of Russian aggression have been found in the city.

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