Hanna Śleszyńska about the health of Piotr Gąsowski.  "There was a problem"

In the Night Peter Gusovsky He added annoying recordings on Instagram. It turns out that the actor was hospitalized because he contracted COVID-19. His condition was so bad that he decided to call an ambulance.

In the recording, he addressed the fans and put an oxygen mask on his face, admitting that thanks to vaccination, the infection is transmitted very lightly., compared to the unvaccinated people they see around.

Hanna Śleszyńska about the health of Piotr Gąsowski. “There was difficulty breathing”

Piotr Gąsowski is still in the hospital, and is now his ex-girlfriend Hanna Śleszyńska In an interview with Aleksandra Głowińska for the website Dziendobry.tvn.pl, she told how the actor feels.

“Pyotr called an ambulance when his blood pressure dropped drastically, and it was accompanied by dizziness, malaise and all the symptoms of COVID-19, namely loss of taste and smell. He was taken to hospital because the doctors wanted him under control and said he would stay for four days. It was necessary to check for changes in the lungs, because at first there were breathing problems– she admitted.

Photo: Instagram / piotr.gasowski.official

Peter Gusovsky

And she added, how Pyotr Gusovsky feels now:

Fortunately, there are no changes. He is well taken care of and treatment has been carried out for him. Fever is down, there is no danger– She added.

There is nothing we can do but wish Peter Gusovsky all the best and a speedy recovery.

Photo: Andras Szilagy/MW Media

Hanna Śleszyńska and Piotr Gąsowski

Hanna Śleszyńska and Piotr Gąsowski have been in a relationship for many years. The spouses even played the marriage in the series “Away from the stretcher”. Separately, they are the parents of 26-year-old Jacob, who became an actor just like his parents.

Despite the fact that Piotr Gąsowski and Hanna Śleszyńska separated several years ago, they are still on friendly terms and often maintain contact with each other.

Photo: MW / MW Media

Hanna Śleszyńska and Piotr Gąsowski

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