Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores gets good reviews, but it’s the worst of the entire series

Early Journalists rated Burning Shores, a new chapter in Aloy’s story. The add-on delivers a solid dose of gameplay, but we clearly can’t count on hits like Horizon Zero Dawn or Horizon Forbidden West. Let’s look at the main arguments of the reviewers.

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores is the first feature addition to last year’s production by a talented Dutch studio – Sony didn’t decide to release reviews in advance, however, select editors have already finished the game and shared their impressions. It wasn’t quite a daunting task, since the expansion focused on post-apocalyptic Los Angeles is short.

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores has received 80% ratings to date This is a lower average than Horizon Zero Dawn (89%), Horizon Forbidden West (88%, PS5) or Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds (83%).

Reviewers appreciate the very nice graphics – last year’s adventure Aloy can boast of very fine settings, while the add-on is one of the nicest on the current generation of consoles. The developers at Guerrilla Games relied on the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 to satisfy the fans, thanks to which we got many stunning views.

Seyka, the main character’s new companion, doesn’t disappoint, and as you explore the story, an interesting new villain emerges. Due to the events of Forbidden West, the expansion is a kind of prequel to a potential sequel.

Journalists also stress that Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores does not utilize the capabilities of the new setting, does not introduce many new devices, and the gameplay does not offer many new systems. Among the shortcomings, we can find allegations about boss battles that do not keep up with the level and negatively affect the plot – the authors provided a character-focused storyline for the heroes.

GLHF on Sports Illustrated accuses the developers from Guerrilla Games of wanting to make West Burning Shores a second Left Behind (an addition to The Last of Us), but in time were afraid of what players might think and didn’t develop certain leads.

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores first ratings:

  • GameSpew – 90,
  • VGC-80,
  • sixth axis – 80,
  • IGN-80,
  • GLHF on Sports Illustrated – 70.
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