The situation in Ukraine.  Previous reference: Russia is moving Iskandar to the West

CIT has analyzed many of the recordings In social media, where – according to this organization – you can watch the movement of military equipment in the Far East and in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia to the west, according to Radio Swoboda.

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Analysts identified Tactical Operations groups on the recordings Iskandar – m. On January 11, a recording from TikTok was posted on Twitter far Eastof which the Iskander-M group has been identified. This equipment was also identified, for example, in a recording from the Sverdlovsk region published on January 13.

CIT, citing information from open databases, reported that trains with military equipment left stations located near the 103rd and 107th missile brigade of the Russian army.

According to the investigation team, the comments on the video indicate flipping 107th Brigade “To Ukraine”.

The Russian Defense Ministry notes that equipment and personnel are being redeployed as part of a “sudden check” of readiness, including transportation to training grounds “at a significant distance from the points of permanent disintegration”.

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