Meghan and Harry broke a historic record, and it won’t please them

Their exit from the royal family in 2020 has been widely publicized, giving rise to countless speculations and controversies, explaining
. Hilary Fordwich, a US-based government commentator, says it all started Meghan Markle refuses to play a secondary role compared to Kate Middleton. “Meghan doesn’t want to be second to Kate. It would have been better to have been number two than nothing.“, explains the expert.

The decision had a major impact on public opinion of Sussex. Going from beloved figures after Queen Elizabeth II to infamous figures like Prince Andrew, The couple had a real twist.

Meghan Markle is the second most disliked member of the royal family

According to a survey conducted by YouGov last April,

Meghan Markle has become the second most disliked member of the royal family
After Prince Andrew, 86% of respondents were viewed negatively. Meghan fared slightly better with 64% unfavorable. Prince Harry is also not exempt, with 61% of respondents expressing a negative view of him.

These statistics are particularly revealing
Compared to when Harry and Meghan were the most popular members of the royal familyE, behind the queen. Hilary Fordwich describes this spectacular fall as “Biggest decline in popularity in history“.

“They are now seen as marginalized people.”

Since moving to California, Harry and Meghan have tried to reinvent themselves. However, their efforts were not always successful. From selling craft products like jam to deals with Netflix and Spotify, their business ventures have received mixed reactions.

to Richard Eden Daily Mail, this position resulted in Sussex’s disapproval in both the United States and the United Kingdom. “They are now seen as marginal figures who are not wanted by the monarchy“, he explains.

Is it possible to return to the UK?

Recent rumors suggest that Harry and Meghan are considering a return to the UK. Harry, in particular, seems nostalgic for his past life as a working member of the royal family.

However, according to Eden, this event is unlikely. “Charles hoped Harry and his family would share the commitment with William. But time is running out. If Harry wants to come back, he needs to do so while Charles is still king.
I don’t see William, who was once king, allowing Harry to come back and take on an official role. They have become an unnecessary part of the monarchy.

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