Hillary Rodham Clinton 'Everybody Talks'

Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed a special joint sitting of the US House of Representatives on Sunday. LeBeau’s questions will be answered alongside his best friend Louise Penny, a well – known writer living in Estre.

The two women will present the French edition of their book, State of Terror, which will be released by Flamerian on March 10. It is a geopolitical thriller co-authored by a Canadian novelist, former First Lady of the United States and a New York state senator. The story is based on real political events, especially behind the scenes of the White House in Washington, DC.

The exclusive interview will be recorded on Sunday afternoon and the team will be given time to add French subtitles. It will be produced via video conference and integrated with other parts of the Sunday program that will be presented live.

Louis Penny will make his second visit to “TLMEP” after April 2019 to present the 14th volume of his “Armand Gamache Investigation” series, “In the Kingdom of the Blind”.

Lots of games and war …

Guy A. Lepage will also welcome Martin Saint-Louis, the new head coach of the Montreal Canadians, as well as Quebec tennis player Felix Agar-Aliasim, who is off to a great start this year, leading the series’ C’est comme “quea que je t’aime” (Marvin Carston). Sophie Desmirez, Karen Gondier-Hindman, Franோois Ledorno and Patrice Robitel), Canadian men’s short track speed skating team (Pascal Dion, Steven Dubois, Charles Hamirrez) talk about building Vladimir Putin’s film in Ukraine.

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