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Turkish soap opera ““Or also called”“Considered one of the most watched ottoman productions in Spain, it continues to amaze more and more people.

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The luck of this product is because it is set Turkey From the 70s, in addition, a murder tells the story of a married couple who live happily until they change the course of their plan and are forced to leave their homes to start a new life.

This is how young people come to work in a woman’s house, without first changing their identities and posing as brothers.

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We need to keep in mind that Telenowela is a success. ““Made up of three seasons, they have already been released in their country (Turkey) The first part consists of 35 episodes and aired between September 13, 2018 and May 30, 2019.

The second, with 28 episodes, aired from September 19, 2019 to April 9, 2020. Finally, the third season, with 39 episodes, premiered on September 17, 2020 and ended on September 24, 2021.

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Like that It has a total of 102 episodes and approximately 140 minutes, so the Turkish soap opera has more than 200 episodes in Spain.

How did Hilal Aldinflek get started?

The story of Zuleha This caught the attention of followers of Ottoman production, so many asked what life would be like Hilal Altinfilik Outside the screens ?. Considering this question, we are going to tell you some details about the actress.

Hilal Altinfilik He was born on February 11, 1991 in Izmir (Turkey); However, his family comes from immigrants of Balkan descent because they are from Mitrovica in Kosovo.

She showed great interest and talent to dedicate herself to acting from a young age. Nevertheless, he studied there Aegean University There he took courses in the Faculty of Communication. I was already attending various presentations as a model when I was studying.

But in 2011 he made his debut in the Turkish series ‘Terin Solar’. That was her famous starting point, she is currently getting big compliments, she took into account what was recommended Golden Palm Awards Oh go Turkey Youth Awards.

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What is Hilal Altinplek?

Her personal life, outside of cameras and stages, is actress Hilal Altinfilik Shows great affection for animals, especially his dog Jupiter.

She feels very happy with her even with horses, cats and other dogs. All of this is reflected in his social network Instagram. In addition, she loves to travel and is very fond of fashion.

The actress has been associated with some film actors; However, the obvious relationship to his fans Ugur Gunas.

But at all times Hilal Altinfilik He denied the rumors and tried to be prudent in that regard. The actress is not sure if she already has an owner for her heart, but what is unique is the affection she has for her father.

What is the real relationship between the role models of “Tyra Amarka”?

That’s true Hilal Altinplek and Ukhur Gunas Star “Bitter land“It created a series of speculations about whether they were having a romantic relationship like they were in fiction.

However, both actors were silent about whether there was a couple or someone else. But there was a period Actress, Which is compared Angelina JolieHe went out of his way to clarify the type of relationship he had with his colleagues in Ottoman production.

And all of this happened through the photo he took Actor Went up to her Social Websites, In which they appeared together and with a smile and a description Rumors: “The long-awaited photo has finally arrived”.

However, immediately, Altinbilek He posted a story on his Instagram account in which he completely denied having a relationship with his partner. Co-star of Turkish soap opera. “News of my relationship with my co-star Ukhur Kons is unsubstantiated. For your information”, Wrote.

What role do Jalia’s shareholders have?

Actress Hilal Aldenbelek, who plays Jaleha in “Bitter Land”, is associated with various Turkish artists, despite setting aside her personal and emotional life.

With the exception of Güneş, for example, he was paired with the actor Kubilai Aga In 2019 the two were caught together in various photos. Aga is 26 years old and has starred in “Amore 101” and “Torres Me Patria”.

Hilal is also paired with an experienced actor Kerem Alik, From Age 61He plays Fekelia in “Jalehiya”. In August 2020, the two actors and setmates denied a romantic relationship due to reports that the two were living together.

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