Madonna and her doctors didn’t think she would survive

On Saturday evening, the diva finally kicked off her much-anticipated tour Celebration tour At the O2 Arena in London, to the cheers of thousands of disappointed fans.

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During her performance, Madonna bravely shared the darkest moments she experienced when she was hospitalized early last summer and found unconscious at her home in New York. She said with emotion: “I didn’t think I was going to make it,” expressing concerns shared by her doctors about her vital prognosis.


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She revealed: “I forgot five days of my life – or death. But the angels protected me. My secret, if you want to know how I survived, I told myself I had to be there for my children, I had to make it for them.

This heartfelt confession was preceded by a touch and sound I Will Survive of Gloria Gaynor.


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Last June, the pop star’s manager, Guy OsearyHe had confirmed on social media that he contracted a serious bacterial infection and was admitted to the intensive care unit for several days.

The show marked the start of his major world tour, with several dates postponed due to his hospitalization.

During this memorable evening, the 65-year-old singer treated her fans to a number of performances, including her biggest hits. Nothing Really Matters, Live to tell, Hang up, don’t tell me, Open your heart to me, Like a virgin And Like a prayer.

Madonna will be at the Bell Center in Montreal on January 18th and 20th.


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