Here’s what we thought of Sir Rod Stewart’s show and his infectious energy as the 78-year-old rocker

Sir Rod Stewart gave a lavish sing-a-long tour at the Bell Center on Thursday in front of 13,000 already triumphant fans who drank up all his words.

Despite all the spectacle and stagecraft, the 78-year-old British singer showed off his natural stage beast by playing a turn for a chorus.

Rod Stewart is not 78 years old.

Martin Alary / The Montreal Journal

If we had the impression before the evening that we were going to be listening to a wedding singer more sophisticated than others – especially rich – we had to admit that Sir Rod was no match for getting the party started.

From the first bagpipe notes in the intro, the frenzy in Bell Center.

It continued with his cover artaddicted to love Written by Robert Palmer, it’s decorated with a scene that somewhat evokes the sexiness of the original clip.

Stewart announced right from the start that he was going to give us no less than 24 songs. The already feverish aid suddenly became frenzied. With reason.

Here's what we thought of Sir Rod Stewart's show and his infectious energy as the 78-year-old rocker

Rod Stewart

Martin Alary / The Montreal Journal

hanging infatuation, did not speculate when his swinging young at first did not give him wind of a singer. No, he was having fun. Very simply.

To stay within the theme of youth, a mindset that animated him throughout his life, he continued The Young Turks And Forever young. In both cases, it succeeded.

When Rod Stewart reviewed the arrangements Maggie May With an unbelievably hollow intro, giving us a better take on its original instrumentation with a mandolin before the chorus. He allowed himself to say the context of the lyrics pre-1961!

Here's what we thought of Sir Rod Stewart's show and his infectious energy as the 78-year-old rocker

Sir Rod was well-rounded on stage.

Martin Alary / The Montreal Journal

Before announcing that he was going to sing Downtown trainTom took over from Waites, who delighted the crowd by saying that thanks to the rescue, he was allowed to buy a swimming pool for his children.

Also, in Editions, Rod Stewart is going to serve us an evening of immersion in a collection of artists he admires.

Inevitable It takes two, Originally recorded by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston, it’s brilliantly delivered with a backup singer that makes you (almost) forget Stewart recorded a duet with Tina Turner.

too Lady Marmalade, sung by his choir, earned its place in his repertoire for the evening. Audiences who paid top dollar to hear Rod Stewart’s songs probably didn’t need it.

Not forgetting his own successes, of course tonight (will be good) and Some guys have all the luck (This is still a persuasive piece) and Do you think I’m attractive?

This latest hit needs no introduction, the singer just chained it straight without a word to announce it. The effect was even greater.

To cap it all off, Rod Stewart once again paid homage to his former group, The Faces. stay with me In reminder. He found a way to ensure that the sound, the interpretation, gave off the same energy as the album. Hat!

A cheap trick doesn’t pay 100%

Before Rod Stewart hit the scene, we treated veterans of American power pop/hard rock: Cheap Trick.

After a polite round of applause from the audience waiting for their rod, the Cheap Trick show began FlamePretty big slow late 80’s.

Here's what we thought of Sir Rod Stewart's show and his infectious energy as the 78-year-old rocker

Cheap Trick acting in the first part

Martin Alary / The Montreal Journal

Small problem: Singer-guitarist Robin Zanders got stuck on his arpeggio in the intro, and he significantly disintegrated seconds before the rest of the group took off. Alas!

Fortunately, the band came straight with their killers I Want You To Want Me, Dream Police And Surrender.

Cheap Trick is best in front of a wall of amps, even though it can make ballads sound perfect. The guys must have been saying to themselves after their performance: “This is not our best…”

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