Minor needed after police beat two women

The 17-year-old, who is wanted by Montreal police, escaped when two officers tried to handcuff him last Thursday.

The video of the arrest this weekend went viral on social media. We see two agents of the Montreal City (SPVM) Police Department trying to handcuff a young man without success.

Screen shots / Instagram

Screen shots / Instagram

He was arrested during another show earlier Thursday. He gave the police a false name. Police later found him again and arrested him for criminal code interruption. This is the context in which the video takes place, “said SPVM spokesman Rafael Bergeron.

In motion

In the line, two officers tried to handcuff the teenager near their vehicle. Mr. According to Bergeron, the young man begins to be verbally and physically aggressive.

Screen shots / Instagram

“By that time, everything was improving. He fled and the police officers released their handcuffs because things were hot. The young man fled and we have not found him yet,” he says. […] Also, the handcuffs were not found later. ”

Screen shots / Instagram

Screen shots / Instagram

According to the SPVM, the 17-year-old will face multiple charges, which will be verified by a lawyer. Individual police also know. The video of the argument between him and the police will be filed as evidence in court.

Screen shots / Instagram

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