Here are the cheap phones with wireless charging in Poland

Do you choose wireless charging instead of faster wired charging? Then you've come to the right place! I present to you three inexpensive smartphones with inductive charging support available on the market in Poland.

As a fast charging supporter, I care less about wireless charging. However, I know that this feature is very desirable when traveling by car. At the same time, it saves you the trouble of dealing with cumbersome wires in the car, and the space allocated for the cigarette lighter can be used for another purpose.

That's why I tried Comparison of three smartphones with inductive chargingWhich you can easily buy in the countryside on the Vistula River. All the phones offered cost less than 2000 PLN, so I called them average.

The wonderful return of the king of Android has given rise to this smartphone

The ladder opens HTC U23 Pro With the processor Snapdragon 7 first generation under the cover. Multitasking is supported by the average person 12 GB RAMAnd memory for quantitative data 256 GB It can be expanded using a dedicated microSD card. Our U23 Pro test will tell you more about the performance of said configuration. According to a popular browser: The price of the device is about PLN 1,600.

Test nowego telefonu powracającej legendy. Ma wszystko, ale czy jest wart tej ceny?

The battery has capacity 4600 And strength 30 watts via cable. Let's be honest, the parameters are quite modest, but the most important thing is that 15W wireless charging! The front of the model has been updated OLED With diagonal 6,7″ And the decision High accuracy+And update 120 Hz.

HTC U23 Pro/Foot.

Device optics:

  • The main camera with a 108 MP matrix and OIS,
  • Wide-angle lens with 8-megapixel matrix,
  • Secondary camera with a 5-megapixel matrix,
  • Depth sensor with 2-megapixel matrix,
  • Selfie camera with 32-megapixel matrix.

It is also worth specifying: IP67 certifiedSystem Android 13conductor 3.5 mm audio jack And Stereo speakers on board. You should also remember that there is no suitable charger with the phone.

My favourite, who was and still is the king of promotions

In fact, she was the queen, because we are talking about the Motorola Edge 30 Neo model. Its current price It fluctuates around PLN 900 It is the cheapest offer in the prepared group. The driving heart of the cheap phone is Snapdragon 695. Support is provided 8 GB RAM Type LPDDR4X. This combination copes well with the rigors of everyday life, but tough mobile titles pose a challenge.

Jedyny taki smartfon w tej cenie. Ma wszystko, o czym marzysz

He couldn't be missing Wireless charging (5 watts) And there were a lot! Turn the power Standard Shipping This is above average 68 wattsThat supports the ability 4020 mAh. However, good quality is important 10 bit bold With diagonal 6,28″Accuracy Full HD+ And refreshing 120 Hz. The ratio of usable space from the front panel to the housing (according to the manufacturer) is amazing 95.6%!

Motorola Edge 30 Neo / Manufacturer's photo

Photography facilities:

  • The main module with a 64-megapixel matrix and OIS,
  • 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens with 120-degree field of view and depth sensor (Macro Vision),
  • Shooting game Selfie with a 32-megapixel matrix.

Housing dimensions incl IP52 certified It is as follows: 152.9 x 71.2 x 7.75 mm. The basic phone is working under control Android 12just weighs 155 grams! However, the equipment did not include a 3.5 mm audio jack, but rips appeared Stereo speakers (Dolby Atmos).

The newer version of the model, i.e. the Motorola Edge 40 Neo, can easily replace the older version of the device in this short ranking.

It may be the most expensive one, but it's not expensive

America's representative simply had to be here. The Google Pixel 7a, because that's what we're talking about, is a long-lived model (Support update for 5 years). Moreover, he likes to appear in interesting promotions, apart from ordinary promotions The price is 1700 Polish zlotys. However, I would like to remind you that the representative of the giant z Mountain View With the processor Google Tensor G2 And 8 GB RAM The LPDDR5 type is not officially distributed in Poland.

Miał być królem fotografii i opłacalności. A jaki jest Google Pixel 7a? (TEST)

A translation champion can boast of his abilities 4385 mAh And 7.5W wireless charging. standard Shipping using The cable is operated at maximum power 18 watts. You will have to purchase the appropriate chargers separately, because neither one nor the other is included in the kit. The front of the device is equipped OLED With diagonal 6,1″refreshing 90 Hz And the decision 2400 x 1080 pixels (429 dpi).

Google Pixel 7a / Photo: Paweł Łaz,

Cameras used:

  • The main camera has a 64-megapixel matrix with OIS,
  • 13-megapixel wide-angle lens with 120-degree viewing angle,
  • not Selfie with a 13-megapixel matrix.

Finally, it is worth mentioning IP67 certified, Stereo speakers whether Aluminum frame Housing. Among the disadvantages, I would like to mention the inability to expand the memory for data and applications, but the Pixel 7a is not alone in this.

Didn't find something for yourself?

Then I refer you to the rating of the 10 best smartphones for gaming. You will definitely find something for yourself in a more comprehensive article, because there are also phones that support Qi charging.

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