Here are 5 signs Celine Dion is making a comeback

Celine Dion surprised us all When appearing on stage at the Grammy Awards, last Sunday. Is Charlemagne's diva preparing for her big comeback? This is the opinion of many experts and admirers who consider these 5 phenomena as beautiful warning signs.

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Celine sings backstage

A video clip showing Celine Dion singing backstage at the Grammys with American artist Sonya Ellis quickly spread around the world, prompting hundreds of comments on social networks. With reason. This is the first time the Quebec diva has spoken publicly since announcing her illness. “I love this clip. It looks and sounds great. God bless Celine!” wrote one user. “This is how you treat a queen,” added one fan, adding that Taylor Swift ignored Celine as she came onstage to snatch the Grammy from her hands. Seeing her sing like this is a step back for those who said Celine can't sing anymore.

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Presenting an award at the Grammy Awards

Photo by Valerie Macon / AFP

It was a statement from Celine Dion who came on stage at the prestigious Grammy Awards ceremony to present the last prize. Shiny, visually fit, and with her characteristic confidence, everything about her says “I'm back!” By appearing in the arms of a René-Charles, very attentive to her needs, and quieting the rumors of supposed discord between mother and son. A moving moment that even Taylor Swift's faux pas couldn't spoil.

Announcement of Documentary Me: Celine Dion

When Amazon MGM Studios announced it was buying the international rights to the Celine Dion documentary, fans saw another hint: Charlemagne's diva was ready to reclaim her place in the public eye. The singer asked Oscar-nominated director Irene Taylor to open up about her daily life for a year, with the aim of raising awareness about her illness, Difficult Person Syndrome.

Celine and her sons in hockey

Celine's visit to the Montreal Canadiens locker room after a game in Las Vegas on Oct. 30 made Martin St.-Louis and his players jump for joy. All of Quebec breathed a sigh of relief when Celine was seen joking around and looking good with her three sons during a meeting with the head coach.

A trip to the Katy Perry show

Here are 5 signs Celine Dion is making a comeback

Photo taken from Celine Dion's Ultras Instagram account

Celine's second public appearance that same week was on November 5 at the Katy Perry show. The latter presented the final show of his residency at the Resorts World Theater in Las Vegas. The singer in a leopard jumpsuit was all smiles as he walked into the establishment's VIP section.

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