Here are 4 tips from a former cybercriminal to better protect yourself online

After making $500,000 in annual revenue, a former cybercriminal revealed in an interview. Daily MailHow to be as vulnerable as possible while online.

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The man who calls himself “404” says he fell into the world of cybercrime when he was 18.

Fascinated by computers and technology, the individual studied computer science at university. This fueled his interest in gardening and led him down a “dark path”.

The latter claims to have earned up to half a million dollars a year, but refuses to say exactly what he did with this money, content to talk about ordinary living expenses and investments in the field.

In his eight years as a cybercriminal, “404” believes he has discovered several security flaws that put all Internet users at risk.

“Most people are not very aware of how vulnerable they are online,” he says.

The latter is now encouraging people to be more aware of the information they share online, especially on social networks.

Here are 4 actions he recommends to increase your internet security:

Scams, phishing and other scams are very common in your email inbox.

That’s why “404” advises to always check the origin of a message to ensure its legitimacy. Spelling errors, impersonal greetings, or threatening language can alert you that the email may be a scam.

To avoid being hacked, it is recommended to use complex passwords and avoid using the same password everywhere.

Be it your operating system, antivirus, browser or other important software, make sure it is up to date. While antiviruses such as Bitdefender, McAfee and Norton are generally effective in warding off cyber-pirates, it is important to check that these software are up-to-date and properly configured.

Two-factor authentication is the recommended way to avoid being hacked.

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