Who Won Season 12?

Who is the big winner of Top Pastry Chef Season 12? Find out his identity and the summary of the evening.

For the finale, Cyril Lignac prepared a unique challenge for the candidates: Prepare a Christmas log at least one meter long. For the event, the already eliminated amateur pastry chefs met the three finalists not only to help them (or hinder them) but also to taste their creations with Cyril and Mergot. The three candidates presented very beautiful presentations: Fanny with an apricot and nougat lock, Julia with chestnut mousse and citrus fruits, while Thibaud proposed two flavors, peach and verbena in summer, apple and kiwi in another in winter. The jury could not decide between the candidates and did not award the highest ranking.

For the second round, there should be three finalists Create a 100% edible Christmas village With the help of former candidate. Fanny, supported for an hour by Ninon, presented an enchanted forest with a licorice lock that Cyril Lignac particularly admired. Thibaut, with Emily’s help, proposes a Christmas by fire. Cyril and Merkot fall in love with a little dulcet chocolate and citrus man. Finally, Julia Snow represented Christmas and wowed the jury with blackberry-chestnut, mango-passion fruit and kumquat flavors. It’s finally there Julia won Best Pastry Chef Season 12 Thanks for his excellent work!

Who won Best Pastry Chef Season 12?

Julia is the big winner of Top Pastry Chef Season 12. She dazzled the jury throughout the competition with her tasteful and delicate creations.

Who are the candidates for Best Pastry Chef 2023?

This year, 16 Amateur Pastry Chefs are in the starting line. Lilou, Kherdin, Richard, Ninon, Hafidou… (again) Find out the profiles of the candidates for Best Pastry Chef Season 12:

Who is the judge for Best Pastry Chef?

As always, Cyril and Mergot Best Pastry Chef will be the judges for this season 12. They will of course be supported by many renowned pastry chefs such as Pierre Hermé, Christophe Michalak and Jade Genin.

Who won the Best Pastry Chef award?

For 11 years, as you can imagine, numerous candidates have already won the title of “Best Pastry Chef”. For the most nostalgic of you, we’ve put together List of Winners The best pastry chef since the first season.

Where can I find the best Pastry Chef Replay?

M6 Channel and its service 6 game Lets you watch a missed episode even weeks after it aired. This will give you time to take notes and become a packing slip yourself.

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