What is the table ““?” Where my daughter “(” Kızım “) and” Woman “(” Kadın “) ruled, played Turkish soap opera (Meeran) and Ebru Sahin (Ryan) also have their own place. And this is not a negligible place.

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The Ottoman fiction To Three seasons On its original broadcast and debuted on March 15, 2019. Its last episode appeared on April 25, 2021. Overall, It was the most successful series in their country.

This reception from the public was reflected in other parts of the world. You doWhy is “Herkie” so successful? To begin with, the whole intrigue of its plot. In each new chapter, a series of revelations drastically change the course of the story.

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In essence, the love story between , Get married to unite their lives forever, and to find a compromise between their families, the Alambi and Satoklu, Strong Myth. But this is complicated by the fact of the past facing lovers.

“Herkie” is made up of three seasons already released in their home country (photo: Herkie / Instagram)

What is the “Herculean” bell at the Nova de Espana?

Turkish soap opera “Herkai” airs Spain By channel signal Noah. Screening new episodes every Saturday, According to the current television schedule of the media.

In this way, the TV series appears every week 21:50 hrs, Before “Navy: Criminal Investigation“And then”Dr. in the Alps”. Its main episode will be on screen until 02:30 p.m.

In addition, followers of “Hercules” can follow the new episodes, both online and live Atresplayer Premium, Other episodes are also aired on the streaming platform so they can be watched at any time.

What happened in the last episode of “Hercules”?

In the last episode of “Herkie” aired on Nova de Espaானாa, Meeran had the first happy moment when he met him. Sister Asra, To please his mother, Wrong. The two brothers from different parents hope that everything will be happy if they reunite.

However, Fusan There is a plan of revenge for the death of his son Harun. This could endanger the life of Miran, who was killed in a tragic accident while at the airport carrying Azra. When Monk Indenta Frener for Fason.

What happened to Miran "Hercules".  Will he survive?  (Photo: New)
What happened to Miran in “Hercules”. Survive? (Photo: Noah)

How was Ryan’s performance in “Herkie”?

Actress To Ebru SahinThose in charge of giving life to Ryan in “Hercules”. The Turkish woman was born in Istanbul on May 8, 1994, so in 2021, she is Age 27. He has received numerous awards for his work in television and film. He was an influential man who, on one occasion, surprised his fans by speaking in Spanish.

What is the cost of “Hercules”?

  • Akin Akinosu (Meeran Aslanpe)
  • Ibru Sahin (Ryan Satoklu)
  • Aida Axel (Assis Aslanpe)
  • Needle injection (Gonal Aslanpe)
  • Gülçin Santırcıoğlu (Sultan Aslanbe)
  • Tyku Yedis (Elif Aslanbe)
  • Token character (Aslan Aslanpe)
  • Isaac Guinea) Fazun Aslanbe)
  • Masjid Sonkan (Nasuh Sadoslu)
  • Serhat Dutmoulier (Hazar Sadoslu)
  • Ferrite Sedin (Zehra Satoglu)
  • Ephraim Alia (Temirbilic goal Satoslu)
  • Sardar Oser (Sihan Satoglu)
  • Kulsin Hadihan (Handan Satoglu)
  • Ahmed Dansu Dasans (Asad Sadoslu)
  • İlay Erkök (Yaren Şadoğlu)
  • Ahmed Kakesan (Harun Pakircioglu)

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