Covid-19: Closing schools for a year is not a good idea, says Dr.  Fauci agreed.

A senior adviser who worked with both US administrations during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr.R Anthony Fauci admits it was a mistake to close schools for a year because of the virus.

“Way [le confinement dans les écoles] A year is not a good idea,” said Dr.R Fauci on the show CBS Morning Tuesday morning.

However, the doctor stressed that closing schools early is a good solution to prevent the spread of the virus. New York Post.

“When everything has to be shut down for 15 days to flatten the curve [de transmission]We were in a tsunami of cases,” he recalled in an interview.

“The problem is: closing everything immediately – we’re not closing everything – but basically establishing social distancing, too [fermer] Schools are doing the right thing, but the problem is the duration of maintaining these measures,” said DR Fauci.

“If you go back [me] “I kept saying, ‘Close the bars, open the schools’ to watch on YouTube. “Open schools as quickly and safely as possible.”

One of the most distinguished infectious disease experts in public service in the United States for 38 years, he gave an interview to the American Channel following the release of his memoir: On Call: A Doctor’s Journey in Public Service (In Call: A Doctor’s Journey Serving the Public).

He recounts emotional moments during the pandemic years, including when experts told him a vaccine was being developed to curb the effects of Covid-19. A discovery that the doctor could not have expected so soon.

“What this has accomplished is historic,” he told the CBS host. “In 11 months? If we were around 10-15 years ago, this process would have taken years and years.

“This is an incredible scientific achievement,” he said.

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