Head of the National Security Office on Russia's activities.  “I'm thinking of the worst possible scenarios.”

Jacek Siwira explained that he participated in the North Atlantic Council meeting in the form of security advisors and heads of security councils. One of the topics was the issue of Russian threats to attack NATO. Siwiera stressed that they take all warnings seriously. He also noted that in the case of Russia, a long-term “trend” of preparation for war with Ukraine can be observed – gold purchases, an increase in the size of the army, and a record budget for war spending.

He pointed out that analysts' assessments prompt discussion of developing weapons production capabilities and building an advantage in these areas.

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In response to a question about seeing a “possible worst-case scenario,” the head of the National Security Office said it was “avoidable.” “This depends solely on the position of Western countries, especially European allies, such as Germany and France, who must show political will to spend larger sums on developing the European defense industry.” – he said in an interview with “Rz”.

He added, “This position is an element of deterrence, and the credibility of using these means is the basis of any mechanism to reduce escalation, which is what we really need today.”

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