Kim Yoo Jung.  Kim Jong Un's sister is the most powerful woman in North Korea

  • The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is considered one of the most important figures in the country. He works as a consultant and creator of his brother’s image
  • On Thursday, the media reported that Kim Yo Jong had been promoted. Sister Dzong-un has been appointed to the State Affairs Commission, North Korea’s most important governing body
  • Kim Yo Jong is known for her sharp and controversial statements about the political affairs of other countries and their leaders
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The world media called her “second only to Kim”, “the most powerful woman in the system” or “North Korea’s rising star”. Kim Yo Jong is now a member of the State Affairs Commission (SAC), the country’s most important governing body, headed by her brother Kim Jong Un. Yoo Jung was previously one of the country’s most important political figures and a key advisor to her brother, but now she officially belongs to the ruling elite of North Korea. This is the highest position you have held so far.

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Purge in the State Affairs Committee

According to CNN, seven new people have joined SAC along with the leader’s sister. Kim Yoo Jung is the only woman among them. Nine other members have been demoted or retired. He lost his position, among others, Pak Bong Joo, 82, who has been in charge of economic affairs for the past decade, and Ri Byung-chul, the military commander and chief armaments officer.

Kim Yoo Jung comes out on top

The promotion of Kim Yo Jong enhances its role in governing North Korea. From now on, her status was clearly defined. So far, she has proven to be a propaganda activist trying to strengthen Kim Jong Un’s image. She spoke many times on issues related to the country’s politics and did not avoid harsh words about other countries and their leaders. Recently, she criticized, among other things, the president of South Korea. She would say it would be “stupid to call him the head of the nation.” She has made harsh public statements about North-South relations, criticized the new Joe Biden administration, and defended North Korea’s missile launches. Kim Yo Jong participates with her brother in most of the domestic and foreign trips and international meetings. He is fluent in English and French.

Diploma in Computer Science, Advertising Experience

Not much is known about her private life. She was born in 1987, studied in Switzerland with her siblings for several years, and finally returned to study in Korea, where she received a degree in computer science from Kim Il Sena University – the most elite university in the country.

In 2015, she headed the Propaganda and Agitation Department, where she began creating her brother’s cult. In October 2017, she secured a position in the Politburo of the Workers’ Party of Korea where she replaced her aunt. At the beginning of this year, she was removed from this position and relegated to a lower position. But – as CNN suggests – it may just have been an apparent deterioration that resulted from Kim Jong-un’s focus on changes in the Politburo and his willingness to bring in more economic experts. The influential leader’s sister eventually landed higher than expected.

Source:, CNN,

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