"He saved the Juve result, and he reminded us of Buffon."  Yes!  It's about Wojciech Szczêsny!  football

It seems that in recent weeks Juventus, with Wojciech Szczesny in goal, is finally back on the winning path. team led Massimiliano Allegrigo He has won five of his last seven matches and Juventus have kept clean sheets in each of them. The only mistakes the old lady made in her meeting Atalanto Bergamo (0:1) and Venice (1:1). Thus, Juventus remains in fifth place in the table league.

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An Italian journalist delighted by Zalewski. “He could be an important player in Roma one day”

The Italians judge Wojciech Szczęsny after the match against Cagliari. They wondered if he was cold

It was another day in the office Wojciech Szczesny. Goalkeeper Poland national team He only intervened in the second half after Joao Pedro’s header. The Italian media had no major objections to the Chesney match. “The brick with which the pole closed the door of the goal is still stuck. Five of the six clean sheets. As usual, he had 15 seconds of fame: he only interfered with a Joao Pedro shot” – writes “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, which awarded the pole note 6.5.

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Wojciech Szczęsny did not fall under this mark. He believes that “with this successful intervention, he avoided any further ridicule in the media” Italian Eurosport branch. “He hadn’t had a job to do for a long time. He saved the score Juventus Enter on the head of Joao Pedro “- says the calciomercato.it site.” For most of the game, Szczęsny had time to put up a tree and attach a cradle to it. But suddenly Joao Pedro heads and the ball crosses the goal thanks to a save. It was cold in the freezing cold in Turin,” tuttomercatyzb.com wrote.

Ilbianconero.com, with the intervention of Szczęsny, found a reference to his ex-boyfriend at the club. “Minimum input, maximum safety. Joao Pedro’s primary defense of the shot. reminded us Buffon In the end 2006 World Cup– We read.. we are talking specifically about hitting the head Zinedine Zidane From the 103rd minute of the match, which Buffon saved over the crossbar. “He spent an hour watching his friends and warming up alone. Then Dalbert made him shiver and Pedro made him fly,” says daily La Repubblica.

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