June 2, 2023


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Kill the killer.  The failure of the Vistula led Krakow to be promoted to the Champions League [WIDEO] football

Kill the killer. The failure of the Vistula led Krakow to be promoted to the Champions League [WIDEO] football

In the first match of the fourth preliminary round of Champions League And Victoria Bilzno drew 0-0 with Karabakh Agdam. The team that would qualify for the group stage in this competition was determined by the rematch, which took place on Tuesday at 21:00 in Pilsen.

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Victoria Bilzno has been promoted to the UEFA Champions League. Great comeback for the Czech national team

Karabakh started this meeting in a much better fashion. The Azerbaijani national team often attacked the opponent’s goal, but it was not effective. The guest advantage finally brought the results in the 38th minute of the match, when Filip Ozubic threw the ball into the net. No more goals were scored in the first half and after 45 minutes Karabakh came close to being promoted.

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At the beginning of the second half of the match, the Azerbaijani players made a better impression. But unexpectedly, it was Victoria who scored the equalizer. Jan Kopet put the ball in the net in the 58th minute. This was the first accurate shot for the Czech national team in this match. Soon, the referee stopped the match because he had to check that one of the Karabakh defenders had not delivered the ball into the penalty area. In the end, after analyzing the VAR, the referee decided not to dictate “eleven” to the hosts.

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Karabakh’s advantage was dwindling minute by minute and Victoria was putting more and more confidence. This paid off in the 73rd minute. John Mosquera passed the ball to the famous player Jean Clement. Footballer crying all the way Viel Krakowbeat easily A goal keeper his rivals. Victoria wonderfully overturned the fate of this competition, and the Karabakh players were completely surprised by the loss of a goal and ceased to dominate the match. After only 60 seconds, Victoria managed to score another goal, but Eric Jirka’s shot was brilliantly saved by Shahruddin Muhammed Aliyu. Until the end of the match result It doesn’t change anymore and Victoria Pilzno won this match 2:1, thus she was promoted to Champions League. The draw for the group stage will take place on August 25.

Victoria Bilzno – Karabakh Agdam 2:1

Objectives: Jan Kubić 58′, Jan Clement 73′, Filip Ozobić 38′

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