He bought a house “for one euro” in Italy.  He had to sell it because he didn’t keep the contract

A few years ago, the man bought a house in Mussomeli, Sicily, where a project was created to prevent depopulation. So whoever buys a house in Mussumli, He must renew it within three years or lose his deposit of 5,000. Euros. The cost of renovation ranges from approximately 100 to 700 euros per square metre. With homes typically measuring between 11 and 190 square metres, the total renovation cost can be up to £133,000. euro.

The Australian was delighted with the beautiful surroundings and decided it was an offer he could not refuse. However, his dream gradually receded as he was unable to fulfill the terms of the contract. He failed to renovate the house within three years of purchase due to a lack of repairmen in the area, so he never took full ownership. As a result, Danny McCubbin sold the house to an agency that re-listed the property.

However, the defeat did not make McCubbin give up. managed to buy another house, This time for 8000. Euro, which is about 37.4 thousand. zlotys. The property was in better shape, so it doesn’t need much work.

The Australian has been living in Great Britain for several years, but has always dreamed of moving to Sicily.

“It was always my dream to live in Italy. When Brexit happened in the UK, I was really thinking about moving. I was able to make it happen in 2020.”

McCubbin quotes the “mirror” gate.

McCubbin came up with the idea to found “Good Kitchen”, which was launched on July 31, 2021 and It helps those in need and gives young chefs from around the world a chance to develop.

source: “woman”

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