slag.  Yanovsky is full of humility despite the win.  ‘We all made some mistakes’

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Chęć / Pictured: Maciej Janowski


Petard Sparta Wroclaw beat Vogo Unia Leszno on Sunday afternoon (52:38), although the Leszno club stayed in the match for a long time. Maciej Janowski admitted on camera to Eleven Sports that Sparta could afford to drive better.

Until the eighth round, Fogo Onja Leszno remained in the game during Sunday’s BGI Extraliga match with Petard Sparta Wroclaw. However, the hosts dominated the second part of the struggle, and the tactical reserves used by Pyotr Baron were of little use, since they only slightly compensated for the scale of the defeat (38:52).

However, the fans could not complain about this spectacle, because in Wroclaw they can see a lot of good racing. Maciej Janowski caught it twice, first in race three and then in race six, losing his place to Janusz Kołodziej. In the end, Captain Petard of Sparta finished the competition with ten points and two bonuses.

Matches against Unia Leszno are always exciting. The beginning of the game showed that. Each of us has made some mistakes, so the potential is even greater. For now, it looks pretty good — admitted Eleven Sports on camera after a recent run.

Damian Ratajczak scored a four-point bonus on Sunday and was the best rookie on the track. Despite this fact, he was not satisfied with his position. – I am very happy with this victory in the junior race. I wanted to score more points with the adults. We continue to work. I’d like to spoil some of these seniors’ blood. It is also my turn to fight them more and more.”

In the next round, Petard Sparta will face Nature Solutions KS Apator Toruń. Fogo Unia will face another away game – this time with ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz.

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