“Haq Dua”: 0 offer for a spit

After throwing out the phrase “Hack Dua,” a Tennessee woman received an offer from a fan who was willing to pay $600 to spit in a bowl.

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In an interview with Briana LaPaglia of “Barstool Sports” on the “Plan Pre Uncut” podcast, Hayley Welch explained that her life changed completely after her report went viral a few days ago.

While she was enjoying the evening with her friends, a drunken man who introduced himself as a YouTuber asked her what gesture would drive a man completely crazy in bed. She replied with a smile, “You should do the “falcon dua” and spit the thing out.”

The 21-year-old woman was left traumatized by the incident. She only wanted to joke.

“At first I thought it was funny and didn’t like it,” he said. After watching the video for the first time, I came back an hour later and it had almost a million views. I was like “oh my god”. […] I don’t want to be seen as a ‘hag dua’ girl.

Hailey Welch, who works in a factory, then sells derivatives.

“I let a man sell hats for me in my hometown and he was great to me. I’ve known him for years. He shared his successes with me. He’s a good man and I couldn’t ask for better.

“He got an offer from a man who had to spit in a bowl to buy it for $600,” he said. It’s horrible, it’s disgusting.”

Many people have created fake profiles of him on social media.

“Seeing my face on fake profiles is scary,” admits Hayley Welch.

The reaction of those close to him

Her parents appreciate their daughter’s sense of humor, from Belfast, Tennessee.

“They find it so funny,” she said with a smile on her face. They know me well. You can never guess what I’m going to say.”

Six months ago, Hayley Welch had already decided to delete her profiles on social networks. He is considering making a comeback using his popularity. She has a manager to support her.

“We are working now,” he said. […] I’m looking at the option of going on podcasts or shows.”

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