The snow has melted. A terrible discovery on Mount Everest

Global warming is affecting Mount Everest – the world’s highest peak. The mountain, which for many represents an opportunity to fulfill their life ambitions, in the face of increasingly high temperatures, has also revealed the tragedy of people who never return from a high-mountain expedition.

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Representatives of the Nepalese Army informed Father Five unidentified bodies found and removed from Mount EverestAmong the discoveries uncovered under the melting snow were: a skeleton, one of the bodies was not released until 11 hours later because it was covered in ice up to the head – independent reports.

Recovering bodies from Mount Everest is a very time-consuming and dangerous process. The last one lasted for 55 days.12 soldiers and 18 climbers took part. Hot water had to be used to melt the ice and free some bodies.

The melting snow also exposed another problem that has been looming on the slopes of Mount Everest for years. The Nepalese reported that up to 11 tons of garbage were also removed from the peak during the process.

Many organizations are calling for a reduction in the number of permits issued to tourists to climb Mount Everest. What is striking is the queues that often form during treks to the summit and can cause very dangerous situations.

It is estimated that about 600 people attempt to climb Mount Everest every year. In 2023, 18 people died. Eight deaths have already been reported this year.

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