Canada Post pays tribute to Serge Chaplow

The Canada Post released its logo on Monday in tribute to famous cartoonist Serge Chappell. Press, “For his unique look at the 50-year-old topcoat”.

Lee Carrier

Lee Carrier

“Thanks to more than 7,000 maps drawn over 50 years, Chappelle makes people laugh and think.

The brand is resuming its caricature We love you — I have no headaches this time! Designed in 1995 at the end of the referendum campaign. It echoed the massive demonstration in Montreal organized by federal forces to keep Cubes within the Canadian Federation.

The original cartoon is now in the Mercord Museum, courtesy of Serge Chappell.

Photo by David Boyle, Press Archives

Cartoonist Serge Chappell

Brian Cable (Globe and Mail), Terry Mosher (Montreal Gazette), Duncan McPherson (Toronto star) And Bruce McKinnon (The Chronicle HeraldOther editorial cartoonists featured in the Press Cartoonist collection, which goes on sale on October 8th.

Before being a cartoonist Press, Serge Chappell contributed specifically to the newspaper Duty And magazines News And 7 days. He is the creator of the show And God created … Laflaque And his named character, Gerard D. Laughlock.

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