Halftime Show: Despite Donald Trump’s Criticism, Only 100 Complaints Against Rihanna

Despite Donald Trump’s harsh criticism of singer Rihanna’s performance at the last Super Bowl, “The Independent” reported that only 103 complaints were received.

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“Rihanna had the worst Super Bowl performance in her history. This after insulting more than half of our already declining nation with his vile and insulting language,” he wrote on the “Community” site.


However, only one person per million views decided to file a complaint against the singer.

More than 113 million people watched the halftime show on February 12.

The number of 103 complaints is low considering that artists Jennifer Lopez and Shakira received 1312 complaints 3 years ago.


Also, Janet Jackson’s performance in 2004, when her uniform broke and her chest was exposed, generated more than 540,000 complaints.

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