ChatGPT is a myth!  |  The Journal of Montreal

The planet is combust for Satgpd. Because chatbots can process astronomical amounts of information in a few milliseconds, some “experts” love it, while others fear for the future of work and the fate of humanity. Is this cocktail of excitement and caution justified?


The world of AI is definitely foreign to me. So I am only exposing myself as a simple user. So I chatted with ChatGPT to verify their information about a person I know very well: myself. What I did not find!

According to this new oracle, I will be the author of many books that I have never written and simply do not exist. However, ChatGPT indicates publication years and publishers for each title. It reproduces the words of scathing reviews signed by French and English essayists. ChatGPT even goes so far as to provide a table of contents and sections of posts that tell me. When I ask him for sources, he provides links that go nowhere. On the other hand, I don’t quote books that I actually wrote.

In more than an hour, the amazing algorithm was conceived. His answers contained islands of truth in a sea of ​​pure imagination. ChatGPT is a myth!


ChatGPT is dangerous because it spreads bold lies. He can find a bad past for someone and destroy his reputation, even his career. And, in a world already plagued by propaganda and misinformation, it adds to the climate of mistrust and participates in the realm of the fake. Rather than easing social tensions, his delusions may contribute to chaos and confusion.

AI promises an information revolution. ChatGPT provides a perversity of information. There is no doubt that conversational agents will one day become an indispensable tool. But that day never came. For now, let’s remember the slogan “If it’s free, you’re the product.”

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