Haaland scored a goal and pointed his finger at the stands and there... an eloquent gesture from one of the fans. [WIDEO] Pi³ka no¿na

Erling Haaland He is by far one of the most sought-after players in the transfer market. The biggest giants of European football are scrambling to acquire the Norwegian and it has been speculated for a long time what will be the next stop in the young striker’s career.

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Meaningful gesture from the Wolfsburg fans. She was not satisfied with Haaland’s goal

Haaland has started this season in style, and since the first game for Borussia Dortmund, he has been dragging the team on his back. Unfortunately, in mid-October he suffered a muscle injury, which led to his disqualification games for more than a month. Until his injury, the Norwegian had amazing stats, scoring 13 goals and three assists in just 10 matches in all competitions.

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However, on Saturday, Haaland returned to the field after a long break and immediately resumed shooting. The striker appeared on the field in the 73rd minute and scored a real atomic entry, because after only eight minutes of play he scored a goal that set him calendar It’s 3:1 for the guests.

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You can see from the Norwegian how happy he is by scoring his first goal in over a month. However, not everyone liked Haaland’s return to shooting. The cameras captured the moment when the happy striker pointed his finger at the stands of the Wolfsburg fans in a gesture of joy. One of the fans of the home team decided to respond to him in a rather eloquent way.

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